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HH-HH selects only a limited number of projects to ensure our efforts are focused to make best use of our resources. We ask you to consider helping us with any of the following causes.

Sewing Center Sponsorship

teach the women to make basic itemsteach basic literacy skills Women for Sewing CenterHH-HH commits to sponsor 4th Sewing Center.

We are excited to announce our plans to sponsor a 4th sewing center this spring. These women live in a village where about 95% of the residents are illiterate and most of the residents live below the poverty line. To date, no one has studied beyond 8th grade. The women's occupation is primarily that of collecting leaves from the forest to feed cattle and goats, and collecting firewood for cooking.

We are thrilled to incorporate an Adult Literacy Program into this sewing center training, and we already have a volunteer from that community who is eager to teach basic literacy skills to others in her village. The literacy program will be open to others who are not enrolled in sewing classes.

We are asking for giving partners to help us help these ladies through our sewing center and adult literacy program, but also to supply sewing machines for each of the women enrolled.


Regular Giving Partners

Please consider joining our Regular Giving Partners program and supporting HH-HH with a monthly or quarterly sum.

The more regular, ongoing support we receive the better prepared HH-HH can be to respond when the need arises. It allows us to budget, plan ahead, and commit with confidence to support those who we help each year. As little as $5.00 per month can make a huge collective difference!

Periodic email updates will keep our HH-HH donors apprised of the needs being met by these non-designated gifts.

Calendar Year Goal = 100 Giving Partners | Progress to goal: 9%

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