Our Partner Organizations

International Partners

NASA-India's motto is "Reaching the unreached; touching the untouched." Through NASA-India, HH-HH helps hungry, homeless and hurting people in India.

NASA-India's founder, Dr. Christopher Premdas, was born an "untouchable" in India's caste system. As a child suffered the persecution and discrimination that is still often inflicted on India's Dalit population. Societal norms tell them they are worthless, with no hope for change, and the caste system reinforces these lies.

Dr. Premdas and the NASA-India staff are passionate advocates for the poor illiterate masses in southern India. They meet basic physical needs, provide nurturing and encouragement to meet emotional needs, and share the good news of the gospel to those willing to hear, to meet spiritual needs.

HELP NGO's reaches out to people who are in need of a helping hand; the poor and people affected by natural calamities, and those with physical deformities northern India. HELP NGO provides assistance without prejudice, irrespective of color, caste, creed or religion. HH-HH volunteers provide emotional and prayer support for the NGO staff and volunteers and for the people they serve.

Wells for Life® provides safe drinking water to villages and communities in India through drilling water well. Women and children in developing countries invest 200 million hours a day fetching water, and that water is often contaminated. A child dies every 15 seconds of water-borne diseases and globally 5 million people die each year of water-related diseases. In many Indi communities, Dalits or "untouchables" are not allowed to draw water from a well. They must go to the well to beg for a higher caste person to share, and often no one does.

NESNazareth Educational Society provides educational, social, and medical assistance to India's poor. The NES founders are passionate about providing excellent and affordable medical services to people in rural areas who don't have the means to seek medical treatment in distant cities.

U.S. Partners

The Salvation Army is an international organization. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

HH-HH helps the Salvation Army by recruiting volunteer teams to serve at Red Kettle locations through the holiday season.

Lakemary Center's helps more than 500 individuals with developmental disabilities each year, providing them with choices and opportunities to maximize the freedom and control they can bring to their lives.

Helping Hands-Harboring Hope volunteers fund and coordinate holiday celebrations and other special events for clients at Lakemary's Day Services Center in Olathe and host monthly birthday celebrations at the Olathe, KS work center.

Kansas City Rescue Mission provides food, safe shelter, comfortable beds, and clean facilities to hurting and homeless people in Kansas City, and offers a proven recovery program that includes job and life-skills training. HH-HH volunteers and donors provide donations of clothing for weekly distributions, help prepare and serve meals, and offer encouragement to the clients served by KCRM.

The Waner Children's Anomaly Foundation is dedicated to helping families of children with vascular anomalies. Waner raises funds to provide medical treatment, offers emotional support and raises awareness of available treatment options. Its long-term goals also include funding medical research, fellowship programs to mentor more specialists and a continued attack on insurance regulations and state mandates that will afford recognition of these conditions.

Click here to donate American Express points or dollars to Waner Children's Vascular Anomaly Foundation to help struggling families who must travel to specialized treatment centers. There is no greater blessing than to help a child. Donated points are used by Waner to book flights and hotel arrangements for families with children who need multiple medical treatments.