How We Help - Equipping

Given our small size HH-HH is proud of how, with the help of our generous supporters, we have been able to positively impact lives, both locally and internationally.

Changing Lives - One Woman at a Time

Meet Poonam, a 2013 HH-HH sewing center graduate. Uneducated and unskilled, Poonam had little hope for the future. But she now has a successful in-home business. With a better outlook on life, she is now a source of encouragement to other young women in her community.

Educating and Equipping Women

Since 2011, HH-HH has provided skills training for poor illiterate women in India. With no education and no skills, women who can find work, toil long hours for negligible wages. Our third graduating class was recognized during a formal ceremony in March 2014. Through a grant program that defrays the cost of sewing machines for our graduates, each woman receives a sewing machine upon completion of training. With this new skill, the women are able to start businesses of their own, earn better salaries by working for established tailors, and save money by making their families clothing and household items. We're really excited about this center and your donations to HH-HH help us fund sewing centers such as this one.

Meet some of our sewing center students and instructors.